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Sanarte, Psychotherapy, Marie E. Castellano

Somatic Psychotherapy, Depth Psychology,
& Mindfulness
for Adults


If you are looking for a safe, non judgmental therapeutic space to explore your inner world and heal then you are in the right place.


Combining psychotherapy, depth psychology, mindfulness, and somatic work, we can collaborate to restore the mind and body connection to a place of wholeness. 

with Me

I believe healing happens in relationships, so building a strong and supportive therapeutic alliance is the basis of my work.


Are you feeling like you are in a big life transition? Struggling with anxiety or depression?, Experiencing a big loss? Desiring to better communicate and connect with your loved ones?


From a young age I was drawn to human connection and the healing power of love. Intuitively I always knew that being seen, loved, and cared for was the most sacred and powerful experience in this life.


In Spanish, SANARTE means to self-heal. This word is meaningful to me because I wanted to bring forth a word that reflects my cultural roots, describes my life experience, and acts as a reminder that we all have a healing power within us.

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